Helping Hands

Amanda Ullery, David Goodrich, and Darlene Diamond! I’ve been talking a lot about October being breast cancer awareness month and having been offering the “making strides massage” all month to help raise money… Continue reading

Three Traditions of Healing

Stephanie explains her vision of the Three Traditions of Healing



Dispelling your massage fears #1 I don’t know about this getting naked stuff

I love massage! I love to give massage, and I love to get massage. I try to receive a couple a month and really enjoy meeting new practitioners and trying out new kinds… Continue reading

Why Massage Therapists Love to Hear your Stomach Growl

Why Massage Therapist love to hear your stomach growl?   It happens at least once every day, a client tenses up just a little and apologizes for the rumbling coming from their abdomen. … Continue reading

And the color of my new journey is … GREEN

I am sitting in a room full of strangers with my eyes closed sipping from a gorgeous hand made mug. The scent of smokey sage has filled the room, the rhythmic sound of… Continue reading

Bikers Need TLC Too

Many of you might not know this, but last August I spent 2200 Miles on the back of a Lime Green Ultra Limited Harley through the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway. The Views were… Continue reading

Are you on the top of your To-Do-List?

Tonight I had the opportunity to watch former Olympic figure skater Karen Courtland Kelly host a workshop called “The Energy Show” at Reform Pilates in Saratoga Springs. The studio has been abuzz for… Continue reading

NEW MOON MASSAGE (new services highlight)

What is the New Moon Massage all about? Whether we realize it or not, the moon dramatically affects our bodies. Just as the ebb & flow of the lunar cycle affects the tides… Continue reading

Could the Snow have a Message for You?

Normally I am pretty good about staying aligned with Mother Nature and keeping up with her rhythms and the ways that our environment affects our bodies. The connections you can make between the… Continue reading

This February~ LOVE YOUR BODY

”I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.” Oprah Winfrey Here at Sanctuary Massage it is Officially LOVE YOUR BODY MONTH!While in school I… Continue reading