What I learned about my Business from Nature

I never imagined that while on my vacation through one of the most beautiful places in the USA, I would be day dreaming about my job as a massage therapist, and looking to nature as a lesson plan for my next venture. But that’s what happened! From the butterflies, and the people that once lived there, to the mountains themselves, some life lessons thumped me on the head and came home with me! Below you will find Three Major Ideas, major light bulbs if you will, that reminded me of some important skills to remember while running my business and working with my clients!

  • Transformation: Humans are creatures of habit. For the most part we like our routine and are not so great at changing things up, even when we know what we have going on isn’t working, or maybe isn’t the best way. I have to admit, changing the venue of my massage practice and how I did my business is a scary step after months of planning and graduating school thinking I would be headed off in a slightly different direction. But the stepping stones I took to lead me here were kind of like my time in a chrysalis; reflecting, learning, and getting ready to launch Sanctuary Massage with air to lift her wings. Hopefully Orenda will be that air! Will I be successful in my new practice space? Well I don’t really know that for sure do I, but what I do know is that transformation can be a powerful and positive tool if you are ready to spread your wings to fly!
  • Hands On Hard Work: There is something to be said about using my hands everyday for a living. I have learned the importance of self care and remembering to be gentle with my own hands. Massage despite what it may seem, is hard work and can take a toll on the therapist’s body. Visiting the Marby farm reminded me though ,of the importance in working smarter not harder and that with a little innovation and faith in the ability of my own two hands, I can do amazing things. Imagine the way of life in 17th century mountains and the challenges faced by people who not only survived but flourished. This mill-house featured a three station Mill, a blacksmith, and even had their own moonshine still. The impressive water moving ducts have taken dedication, planning, desire, and some hands on hard work to function properly. Remembering a bad day now and again at work, isn’t all that bad compared to the implications of a bad day at that mill, keeps me as grounded as the pine trees watching over this amazing area.
  • Moving Mountains: How many times have you felt the need to bend over to far backwards for a client or a boss? How many times have your felt over extended but still had the drive to move those mountains to get where you needed to go? If riding 480 miles on the back of a motorcycle communing with nature and breathing in the scent of the trees through the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway taught me anything, it’s that maybe we do not need to be moving the mountains, maybe we need to work with them. Learn their curves and peaks and find a way to move with the mountains, and through them! Sometimes it is hard to remember that my job is not to “heal” or “fix” but to acknowledge the sacred workings of my client’s body, and facilitate an environment in which their own body can make the healing changes it needs! I may be a mover and a shaker, but I am not The Mover & Shaker, and moving Mountains isn’t quite the goal!