First Week at Orenda


You have probably heard me scream from the rooftops about moving from Burnt Hills to Orenda Yoga & Healing Arts at 609 Union Street, Schenectady NY. It’s only because I am super excited about my move, and all of the opportunities it is going to hold for me. Andrea Fortuin, owner of the studio, met me on Wednesday to give me my keys. She was just finishing up a yoga session of her own and you can check out her class schedule as well as the other instructors by visiting

I also had a chance to meet Christine, who not only helped out a client of mine, find the massage room, but held a 6:00 Zumba Session! As it was the first day for me, I wasn’t sure how the music would effect my massage room, and while it was a little loud during only this time slot. My client boasted that the music made her feel as though she was getting her massage on the beach at a tropical paradise. It made me a little sad I didn’t bring my coconut oil to help indulge that fantasy. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. Don’t worry, should you choose the 6:00 time slot, we can always turn up the radio in the massage room with more quiet music if you don’t like the beat of Christine’s Zumba Class!

This first day, I also had a chance to sit on the front porch of the studio, and relax a bit in between clients. What I found out? It’s a great little spot to spend some time after your massage and before getting in your car. It is surprisingly peaceful and very quaint. I feel like after a good relaxation massage I will probably be urging my clients to grab a cup of tea out there before they head home. Image Seriously! Does that space not look inviting???

I am super excited to get to know my fellow wellness practitioners at Orenda, as well as my new neighbors! Have you been to union street lately? It’s looking great. Here is a picture of the strip where Orenda is located:Image Looks like I have a few places to check out for lunch! That’s all for this blog. I hope you got a feel for what the first day was like and I really hope this made you a bit curious about the new place. I would love to have you come in to check it out and maybe even,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well you know 🙂 GET A MASSAGE! Here is a sneak peek at the massage room. Don’t worry there will be more on the way!Image!

Thank you for reading

Nourish Your Body; Feed Your Soul,

Stephanie Cavoli, LMT