Who Should Get a Massage

Recently I had a conversation with a family member of mine who very strongly believed that Massage was only for women who like to put cucumbers on their eyes and had the money to spend an entire day being pampered in the spa. Although I love me, a day at the spa, and what girl couldn’t use some cucumbers on her eyes now and then, it broke my heart because I knew that standing before me was a man with chronic neck pain. Someone I had spent enough time with to know personally that they could benefit from Massage Therapy! The truth is…. There are many physical, mental/emotional, and even spiritual reasons why massage can be extremely beneficial to many people. While there are some contraindications, like uncontrolled high blood pressure for example, Massage therapy is for just about anyone, and a good practice might even help you to find ways to get your massage in while keeping your budget in check! 

Because I believe so deeply in this work and we are constantly talking about the physical benefits one receives from it, I thought I would write about you! Yes, you, the person who deserves a massage the most! Read the list below and if you answered YES to any of the things listed and have not yet come to me for a massage, then I personally invite to experience the Massage You Deserve at a 15% Discount off normal pricing!!! Take a look, and see if you qualify!


  • sit at a desk all day
  • spend the majority of your day on your feet
  • deal with difficult clients
  • deal with a difficult bosses or coworkers
  • make important decisions
  • sit/stand/or otherwise stay in one position for an extended period of time
  • use your hands in your work
  • spend the day creating, making, painting, building or otherwise inspiring
  • find yourself chopping, cutting, pouring or baking
  • spend a lot of time on the phone
  • have stress
  • have deadlines to meet
  • have clients, coworkers, or family that depend on you
  • get less then 6 hours of sleep
  • care for children on a regular basis
  • find yourself recovering from trauma, illness, or injury
  • drive more than a mile each day
  • workout, hike, exercise, or ride a bike
  • ride a Harley
  • get headaches
  • have back pain
  • feel sore in the shoulders
  • get pain in your neck or hips
  • feel unbalanced
  • lack quality “me” time

What do you think? Do you Deserve a Massage? Call or book your appointment on-line like normal and mention how at least one of the things on this list pertains to you and receive your 15% Discount before November 1st

On-line booking site http://www.styleseat.com/sanctuarymassages

Nourish Your Body; Feed Your Soul

Stephanie Cavoli,LMT