Autumn Coupon~ Because you Deserve a Massage

Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year! There is something in the beauty of fall colors and the cozy scents and spices of the season. I recently had a chance to do some chair massage in the main area of Orenda, in the evening by a fire place filled with candles. This was one of those cozy experiences that have a sort of magic in them this time of year.

In Shiatsu, an eastern modality, it is represented by the element of Metal and we are moving out of the active Yang energies of summer and into the more contracted introspective energies of Yin. For all of us in the north east, the temperatures begin to fall preparing us for winter, and we find ourselves ready to come inside and slow down a bit. It’s getting darker longer and our bodies seem to need a bit more rest than usual. This is a great time of year to take some time to come inside your own body and check in on how you are feeling on all levels. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually are you getting what you need, are you taking the time to listen to your own self and practice self care? Sometimes the transition seasons like Fall and Spring, can leave you feeling a bit off balance in these areas and it is important to take a look at any changes you might need to make for the better!

As you can see this is a perfect time of year to get a massage. Whether you come in for just a bit of energy/Chakra work to help retain some of that vital balance or opt for a full one hour massage, it can be a great opportunity to start the season off right, and begin on a path of self care! Below you will find a PDF File just above the photo, open it up by clicking on it and you will find a check list and a coupon for 15% off. Read that check list, it came from the last blog post, and if you answer YES to any of those questions, then PLEASE PRINT IT OUT, and contact me to schedule your massage. Feel free to print out more than one copy to share with friends!

Peace & Light,

Stephanie Cavoli, LMT

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