Mining for Crystals!

As a child I always loved rocks! As my parents would take me fishing down by the Schoharie creek, I would (instead of throwing a line) search for rocks! I had a pretty extensive collection of them. Small, Large, ugly, weird, beautiful, heart shaped, one with a hole in the middle, different colors, and even a few geodes, turquoise & desert rose rocks sent to me by my very cool aunt Nancy from Texas! I had no particular method for picking them; I just knew that once I held certain ones I HAD to have them. As years went by we got rid of my rock collection and it wasn’t until about two years ago that I discovered the Power of Rocks!

Crystals: A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an ordered pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. In addition to their microscopic structure, large crystals are usually identifiable by their macroscopic geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations

It was while working at Jennie Thompson’s New Age Oasis that I had a chance to feel, work with, learn about, and experience Jennie’s enthusiasm for Crystals. In my time there I watched as the hair on one customers arm rose every time he picked up Malachite, I felt the tingling sensation of a Smokey  Quartz skull every time I was behind the counter, and found a fluorite wand that didn’t seem to want to be held by anyone but me. As I began to research and learn about the stones, I used them during practice massage sessions and started using them on their own as tools for healing! I created chakra bags with customers so that that the stones could help with their own personal energy patterns and heard great results!  Currently I am slowly introducing the power of these crystals into more and more massages and recently took a trip to Howes Caves NY, to visit the amazing caverns and mine for my own crystals! Below you will find some great pictures and some information about the trip!

ImageThe day after a trip down into the natural caves for a Halloween charity event, I came back the next day to visit the New Gem Stone Mining portion of the facility!

Mostly aimed at children, I couldn’t be more excited about my bag of dirt that I was allowed to mine myself! Having faith that the universe would grant me the crystals I was needing in my practice and that they would be imbued with my special brand of energy as I cleaned them off I began!

Basically this process starts with pouring out a portion of earth into your pan, and the sifting it out via the running water!



This intricate set up harkens back to the old gold mining days where they would pan by the river using the running water as their ally!Image




One all of the dirt is gone you are free to examine the crystals you find! Above you can see Blue Calcite, Aventurine, emerald, Clear Quartz and a tiny piece of Amethyst!

The picture in the top shows all of the crystals that I mined that day! Here is a list of the small crystals I found!


Clear Quartz


Raspberry Quartz

Rose Quartz







Orange Calcite

Blue Calcite

And Citrine!

A post about each particular crystal and how it can be helpful will be coming soon, until then please contact me at or 518-878-3143 to get more information on how crystals might be used during your next massage!