Dealing with the stress and scares on Halloween

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite Holidays during the year! I try to participate in any and all activities associated from dressing up to drinking cider! Carving pumpkins is always on my list! But this means that I also know that sometimes things can get a little scary out there, especially for the little ones, who can sometimes mistake the playfulness as the real thing! As someone who has hunted for monsters underneath beds and in closets I am all to aware of how scary it really can be, AND THAT…. Stresses parents out! So here is a simple exercise you can do to stay calm! This is especially wonderful for children during those moments of panic and fear.

1.First things first! stand with your feet planted firm and flat on the ground! Even stomping your feet a few times is a great thing, You can let out some of that frustration building and it will help you to easier connect with the earth. This helps to stabilize you both physically and emotionally!

2Next place one hand over your Solar Plexus! This is your chakra or energy center that is located directly above your stomach and below your diaphragm. In the photo you will see exactly how I am standing and about where you should place your hands, one over the other.- Doing this is acting as a cap for your solar plexus! See, energetically speaking this is your seat of power, and when energy is allowed to “leak out”, it is easier to feel helpless or vulnerable. By capping off your Solar Plexus chakra you are keeping the energy for yourself! This will help your child to feel more stable, more in control and thus will help ease some of that fear caused by being powerless. If you pay attention you will notice a lot of people do this subconsciously when they are nervous! ImageTake this exercise one step further (this is a bit tricky for the younger kids) by imagining the sunshiny color of yellow all around you, and as you breath in, breath in that beautiful yellow color all the way down into your belly. Imagine this beautiful color for as long as feels natural to you and I bet this will help you gather yourself enough to finish your night with a smile!
To all of you going out tonight I hope you have a safe and fun filled night with lots of treats and only the happy kind of tricks!
For those of you who celebrate Halloween as a special holiday, may you have a blessed night filled with love and light!