Its the Cold & Flu Season, Should you get a Massage?

Its unfortunately expected that as the Holiday Season Begins so does  the sneezing and stuffy noses of cold and flu season. Just this past week I was hit myself and stuck at home tending to my health, rather than working with beloved clients. So with this in mind; When is massage appropriate? When isn’t massage helpful, and what tricks does Stephanie at Sanctuary Massage have to help you out this season!

This Blog will help to answer those questions, and if you are one of the few battling a cold right now, I hope you feel much better sooner rather than later!

Is massage appropriate when I have a cold or the flu?

In general NO! There are so many things that massage can help you with when it comes to health but unfortunately this is not one of them.  It is not really good to get a traditional Swedish full body massage while you are experiencing symptoms of a cold or a flu. Massage moves the fluid in your body including lymph flow and could ultimately make you feel even worse for longer. If you already have a massage scheduled this is the one time you can cancel your massage within the 24 hour cancellation policy as long as you pick a new date and time to come it! *Did you know it is illegal for a massage therapist to work on you while they are sick themselves?

 Is there ever an exception to this rule, a time when it might be helpful to come in while sick?

Actually YES! If you are passed the contagious state in your illness yet are still feeling chest congestion there is a technique that may be useful. Elevating the massage table at one end and utilizing the “Cupping” technique gently over your chest  may help you to get rid of some of the mucus and congestion. For some people this provides great relief. If you have already seen Stephanie for a massage or have one scheduled this is a free service and is just $15.00 Per person for new clients! Please note this service is subject to availability and Stephanie will always do her best to accommodate last minute appointments.

What else can help?

A few drops of certain essential oils like Young Living’s Thieves oil blend in your diffuser can help to kill air born bacteria and strengthen your immune system.

Have your tried Stephanie’s “Stuffy Nose Balm”? She has been using the recipe for years to help clear out the sinuses and prevent the nose from getting red and sore from using tissue after tissue. It’s made with 100% Natural ingredients and is just $5.00 for a container. *Please note the main ingredient is Macadamia Nut Butter and may be dangerous for those with peanut allergies.

Still have questions or are not sure if cupping is right for you? Simply contact Stephanie for more details 518-878-3143