New Year; New Services! All kinds of things to celebrate!

New Year! What exciting things are you looking forward to this year? Do any of you have resolutions that are about being healthier, more balanced, or on a fast track to feeling better? Anyone planning on getting more massages this year? Yes! ME TOO!

If so, I am hoping that you allow me to be at least a small step in your process, and I promise I won’t disappoint. December brought lots of amazing experiences, all of which I plan on writing about and bringing into my massage practice to give you the best possible service I can offer.  The newsletter has been postponed just a bit to include all of the amazing information I would like to send your way but for now I would like to introduce to you the new services offered by Sanctuary Massage! First, remember my Exciting news from December? This January I will be working hand in hand with the ever fabulous Karen Stuto, LMT of Massage and Bodywork Artists at a new location in Albany. A few new services are only available in that studio. Keep your eyes peeled as an Open House will be posted soon so you can check it out!

Menu of New Services


                                                          La Vita Bella Massage                                                                        *Stephanie’s Signature Massage

Stephanie’s ability to create a sacred space for your body to begin the healing changes it needs it just the beginning of her signature Beautiful Life Massage. Receive the ultimate in relaxation while she combines her expertise in traditional Swedish techniques with restorative energy work along with a variety of other modalities all meant to give you a massage session that treats the body, mind, and soul together. Each of these massages is tailored for the unique needs and goals of each client.

Tummy Love Massage

Make friends with your body again, and reap the benefits! Dealing with difficulty losing or gaining weight, as well as a myriad of digestive problems and even body image concerns can leave you with a very negative view of your abdominal area. This massage is meant to be a stepping stone in overcoming that so your body can make the healing changes it needs. Once we discuss your individual needs and goals for the session we will begin with some quiet energy work with your solar plexus chakra and when you are ready will proceed with a gentle abdomen massage. Your comfort is always number 1 so we can work over the blanket or directly on your skin with an amazing 100% natural peppermint tummy rub.  You will be offered the ability to do some therapeutic writing and art at no additional charge and will be able to take home a small jar of the tummy rub! For more details about this very special service please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie at 518-878-3143

Rosemary Study Break Massage

Research tells us that adding breaks to your study time can actually improve the amount of information that you retain. So why not super charge your studying  with a mini massage meant to take care of your body and mind at the same time. With the aid of Rosemary, known to be pinned even on Greek philosophers to ensure good memory, you will spend 30 minutes in quiet relaxation. A little bit of grounding and centering begins your session followed by a decadent massage to your head and hands.

4– Hand Massage * Only available at Albany Studio

 Experience the teamwork between Stephanie and Karen first hand, and while enjoying a massage unlike any you have had before. Something original, exceptional and created just for you! Allow both Karen & Stephanie to combine Swedish, deep tissue, stretching and shiatsu and a little bit of energy work to create a one of a kind 4 hand massage. Imagine Two Therapists dedicated to your massage for an entire hour. This service is deeply therapeutic and harmonizing.

Couples Massage *Only available at Albany Studio

The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or just because! Together with your loved one step into a world of relaxation, an escape from the stressors of life.

Couples Massage Lesson

Love Massage? Want to learn how to practice it a home with your loved one? This is the perfect choice for you! Lean simple massage techniques that will help relieve the symptoms of Stress, Headaches, low back pain, insomnia and more. Bring any of your blankets and pillows from home as we will be working on a mat so that you can easily duplicate these techniques at home without a table. What a great way to connect with each other and remember how much love and care can be given with just your hands! Each session is customized to the couple so that you get the most out of our hour and half together!

In addition there will be more hours available including weekends, and if you love coming to my Schenectady office at Orenda don’t worry, I will still be there every Monday and Wednesday! I look forward to seeing you all in 2013!