The power of the heart chakra, and my new logo

ImageOne of the biggest compliments I have ever received in my professional life came from my colleague Karen Stuto. (Remember Karen from the previous post? I am now working across the hall from her!) I’ve known her since my first day at the Center for Natural Wellness, School of Massage Therapy, and have probably worked on her via massage and energy work more than any other person I know.  For anyone who has ever forgone a traditional work environment to open their own business doing what they love, you know there are good days, and some days that can be a little scary. On one of those scary days, I’d called her for a bit of advice, and what she had said to me was

“Steph, you are like me, what makes you so good as a therapist is that you always, always work from your heart”

The conversation then moved into one of the Chakra System, and I didn’t think to much of  what she had said. As the days went by however, there was something about her statement that really grabbed my attention. My best sessions, my most successful outcomes, and the Ah ha moments that happen for me or my client happen during the Massage sessions where I am completely connected to my client and I am working from directly from my heart.  What does working from my heart mean exactly? It means I drop out of my own head and get into my body. I stop ‘getting lost’ in the thought process and trust that I know enough about my craft that I let my hands lead the way. In those moments I can open my own chakras and from my heart send nothing but unbiased, nonjudgmental, powerfully compassionate, intuitive, harmonious love through the palms of my hands into the energy field of my client. This is the power of touch, the power that helps stimulate the self-healing response and fills the room with positive wonderful energy. However subtle or prominent this shift in energy can be, the clients who get to experience this are the clients who are some of my most loyal clients.

These are the clients who are able to experience and accept the power of the heart chakra.

Yes! This is it! I had been looking for a logo for so long and nothing but the color green seemed to resonate for me, until I realized that the Heart Chakra and everything it represents also represents my niche as a body worker. My genuine care for my clients on a emotional, spiritual, and physical level transcends the simple idea of relaxation. It is about human connection, the commitment of one person offering 100 % of their presence to be in the care of another individual. I have seen first hand how the effects of this, at most, can transform a life for the positive and at least, give off an amazing sense of peace and calm!

So I introduce to you, the new logo for Sanctuary Massage! A symbol of everything I vow to stand for as a professional, as a person, and as your massage therapist.