Could the Snow have a Message for You?

Normally I am pretty good about staying aligned with Mother Nature and keeping up with her rhythms and the ways that our environment affects our bodies. The connections you can make between the two, if you just stop and pay attention are actually quite amazing. But that is the trick, you need to actually stop and pay attention. This month that is easier said than done. One month in my new space, working both in Schenectady and with Karen at Massage and Bodywork Artists has been amazing, but it has kept my mind pretty occupied. I have to admit that outside the treatment room, I have been a bit overwhelmed and a bit manic. Did I mention I lost my purse about 6 times this week alone? But then, as it so often does when you just can’t pay attention any longer the Universe in all her glory stomps her feet, and leaves you signs, and throws a big snowy tantrum to remind you! SLOW DOWN!


An overabundant Fire, that was burning up my Wood, and drying out my Water, was my official Shiatsu diagnosis from Gina during my massage session with her today.  Fire: the all-consuming, active, manic element over powering Water: the calm, introspective, peaceful element. Hmmm that sounds sort of familiar.

Then a post on facebook that reminded me that the moon was entering the bottom of her cycle, the quiet, deep place of intuition and introspection. Hmmm do I see a pattern here?

Finally in case you are like me and didn’t get the message the first hundred times, here comes a snow storm. Keeping us off the roads, in the house, and out of school, the universe is reminding us that it is time to slow down. As bummed as I am that the Open House got rescheduled until next Friday, I can’t help but be a bit relieved. Having this surprise snowy day off means that not only should I take Mother Nature’s hint, but now I have some time to do so.  Have you been feeling out of sorts, manic, overwhelmed or just too tired recently? Maybe you should take the hint too and make today a Wellness day.  Love that idea, but not sure how to do so on such sort notice? Below are some ideas, suggestions and inspirations to help you align with Mother Nature! Don’t be afraid to add your thoughts, or let me know about what you did today.

  • Sleep in
  • Take a nap
  • Wrap up in a blanket and drink an entire cup of tea watching the snowfall
  • A hot bath with epsom salts, or a few drops of essential oils
  • Cook a delicious meal- leave the clean up to tomorrow
  • Curl up with your favorite book
  • Get on youtube and find a great video on meditation or a yoga class you can do in your living room
  • Call that friend you haven’t have time for, but miss desperately
  • Get the netflix on to watch the cartoons you loved as a kid
  • If your kids are home, be a kid, be silly and fun and pretend
  • PLAY! in the snow, color, make a paper airplane
  • Journal
  • Dance
  • Take another nap
  • Snuggle
  • Practice Deep Belly breathing
  • Pray or spend some time practicing your spiritual faith
  • Give yourself a foot or hand massage
  • Be grateful for this opportunity to unwind and look within
  • Spend some quality time with your thoughts, What is it you need to nurture in your life, what is it that needs to go
  • Be gentle with yourself!