NEW MOON MASSAGE (new services highlight)

What is the New Moon Massage all about?

Whether we realize it or not, the moon dramatically affects our bodies. Just as the ebb & flow of the lunar cycle affects the tides of our oceans; our bodies too reflect our own ebb & flow.  We hear a lot about the full moon and the “crazy” effect it can have on our emotions and the maternity ward at the hospital, but we rarely talk about the new moon, or what is sometimes referred to as the dark moon. This phase of the moon can have just as much impact as the full, and is very much worth investigating.

The new moon brings us within. It is a time for introspection and reflection. For some it can be the most powerful time of self- realization and self-healing; therefore a perfect time to utilize massage therapy to retreat inside, restore, and regain some balance within.

This new moon, (March) I will have just three spaces available exclusively for those who wish to work with this energy during a New Moon Massage. The treatment room will transform as we channel the healing energy of the new moon with herbs, oils, aromatherapy, and music.

We will start with a guided meditation to help you connect with the new moon energy, followed by gentle bodywork meant to balance and stimulate your water element. We will use a combination of energy work, swedish massage, and acupressure points that offer your body the chance to delve deep into a relaxed state. It will be in this state that your body will begin to rest, digest, and stages of self-healing may occur. This will also be a wonderful time for you to explore the stillness and peace of a quiet mind. The massage will finish with a cup of lemon water or hot tea, and some quiet time to privately record any insights, visions, or curiosities that came to you during the session.

This is an incredible opportunity to experience massage and the energy of the new moon together. It is my hope that from this session you will be able to realign your body-mind- spirit connection as well as take advantage of the inner peace we all hold within.

Sessions last approximately two hours including medical intake and some quiet time to journal and reflect after your session and are priced at just $105.00.

Remember Spaces are limited so please contact me today to schedule your session! 518.878.3143 or