And the color of my new journey is … GREEN

I am sitting in a room full of strangers with my eyes closed sipping from a gorgeous hand made mug. The scent of smokey sage has filled the room, the rhythmic sound of a handmade drum seems to match my heart beat and I taste. The gentleness of Linden graces my lips like that of a first kiss and the sweet honey hued liquid warm and soft lingers in my mouth. I am right where I am supposed to be. I have wanted to be here in this room before I can remember and with an ache I’m still not quite sure I understand.                              

Wednesday was the first class in my Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship. A 9 month long hands on course that will guide me through both the practical/medicinal uses of native herbs and the spiritual experiences that come with them. From now until mid-December I will be making the 2 hour trek into Vermont every other Wednesday to learn everything I possibly can about local herbs and plants that we can use in a healing positive way. <em></em>In that first class alone, I learned so much that I can’t even imagine where this new venture is going to take me. I can’t be more excited and can’t wait to start the practical use of more and more herbs into my massage practice. At the end of the program I will be certified in Sacred Plant Medicine and Holistic Healing. I am not yet sure how NYS will translate that and what I will and will not be able to offer my clients in the way of services but I can already feel the plants effects on the person I am, the person I want to be, and the massage therapist who always works through her hands but from her heart. Wonderful wonderful green things are on the way…….

Lovely Linden