Bikers Need TLC Too

Many of you might not know this, but last August I spent 2200 Miles on the back of a Lime Green Ultra Limited Harley through the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway. The Views were absolutely breath-taking and I am pretty sure I gasped in awe almost the entire way! While my eyes, my heart, and my spirit were beyond thankful and happy for the experience, the rest of my body…… well lets just say that once we hit the 2000 mile mark my body was ready for a vacation from my vacation.

There is certainly a reason why bikers get the reputation for being tough! Riding in the wind and the rain is one kind of torture and long distance riding is another. I realized that certain muscles in my body(muscles I must have forgotten I had) were absolutely aching at the end of everyday. Dave, my chauffeur, I noticed had been flexing and shaking off the pain in his hands and his neck. I realized that if we were going to be doing some hard core riding, we were going to need some hard core self-care. Over the past year I have been able to target particular muscle groups that bikers bodies are more prone to be tight, full of knots, and hurting. Everything from from the helmet on your head, the way you hold your handle bars, how you sit on the back, and they way you shift will effect your body after a long day of riding. 

Adding some stretches before and during breaks can make a huge difference in how you are feeling once you get off the bike. Massage can help you stretch out and loosen those muscles so that you feel even better than you could have imagined!This season I plan to have some massage packages specifically for all of you bikers out there. Don’t worry, it won’t be one of those cucumbers on they eyes kind of massages (although I bet if you gave that a try you might just love it). It will be all about the fact that when you feel better you ride better! 60 minute full body sessions will be available for a treatment that works with many muscles groups needing attention, and 30 minute mini sessions will be available for those of you who would just like some work on your hands and forearms, or feet and lower legs!
So yes my friends,, Even Bikers deserve some Tender Loving Care, no mater how tough they look!

Stephanie Cavoli, LMT and David Goodrich August 2012 Blue Ridge Parkway

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