Dispelling your massage fears #1 I don’t know about this getting naked stuff

I love massage! I love to give massage, and I love to get massage. I try to receive a couple a month and really enjoy meeting new practitioners and trying out new kinds of massage sessions. Have you tried Vedic Thai Massage? AMAZING. I must admit with all of my enthusiasm, I am often surprised when I suggest massage to a friend or family member and they make that nose crunching face and shake their head no. WHAT? Why would you not want a massage? I hate a pushy salesman so I try not to be one myself, and usually just smile and suggest they think about it.  But that face,,, that scrunchy nose face, where does it come from? Is massage that expensive, do you they have that little time for their health and well being I wonder? So I set off to facebook with a poll to find out just what people are thinking. What I found out shocked me. Out of all the people that responded only one person sited Budget as a reason massage is not a part of their life. All the other answers can be lumped up into one word: FEAR

To my amazement it was that people were afraid and fear certainly does not foster relaxation, stress relief and the release of tension in tight muscles. I do however believe that while these fears are all warranted it is mostly the fear of the unknown that causes this un-needed stress and clearing the air is the best way to solve that problem.

I truly believe that the best way to clear up those fears is for you to be in the know. The next few weeks keep your eye on the blog as each week we will discuss a different aspect of massage and what you need to know and can expect to help wipe away those fears. 

um, do I have to be naked? Will I feel or be exposed? 

Lets face it, I do have a saying that the more clothes you take off for your session the better of an experience the session will be. The truth is, that is only half true. There are plenty of massage techniques that can be done while you are fully dressed. Shiatsu and Thai yoga are some examples. These might be a good idea for those of you who are really uncomfortable with getting undressed. With those of you on the fence, the good news is, you can still get a traditional massage when you are not ready to undress. Some techniques are more difficult to perform over clothing, and depending on your reason for visiting the studio it may be difficult to address your specific needs. Your massage therapist is always here to listen and your comfort is a number 1 priority, so please just let us know that you are uncomfortable or nervous and I think I speak for most when I say we will do everything in our power to make it easier for you. Some of my clients will undress fully, others will keep their underwear and occasionally a bra on. Some clients will leave pants on, when their focus is the upper body and vice versa. All of that is okay. Your comfort is the number one rule, and if we believe that loosing a particular article of clothing would be a good idea, we will explain why and let you decide for yourself. You should never feel exposed and if for any reason you do, speak up and let us know. It might also be a great idea to try a service like the head hands and feet. Its a favorite and the only thing you take off are your shoes. This will give you a chance to become familiar with the massage space, the process, and the therapist without the added pressure of getting naked. Image