Autumn Events

All Month: If you book the “Making Strides Massage” for $65.00 you will receive an hour long full body massage to indulge in, while helping out a great cause, because Sanctuary Massage will… Continue reading

Be Inspired: Pink Hair, Bras, Happy Breasts, and Making A Difference

Lets Get Our Walking Shoes On! In just one week from today, Myself along with some family and friends will be walking in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk!… Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate: Sanctuary Massage Rewards are here!

           I Love working as a massage therapist! I love helping my clients, and I love my clients! Not just because I recognize that without them I wouldn’t have a job, but every… Continue reading

Breast Cancer: How togehter we can a difference!

Breasts Breasts Breasts! Yes I just screamed that while sitting here at my computer desk, and while nobody was here to hear me, I just made a big step! While I believe that… Continue reading

Autumn Coupon~ Because you Deserve a Massage

Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year! There is something in the beauty of fall colors and the cozy scents and spices of the season. I recently had a chance… Continue reading

Who Should Get a Massage

Recently I had a conversation with a family member of mine who very strongly believed that Massage was only for women who like to put cucumbers on their eyes and had the money… Continue reading

First Week at Orenda

You have probably heard me scream from the rooftops about moving from Burnt Hills to Orenda Yoga & Healing Arts at 609 Union Street, Schenectady NY. It’s only because I am super excited… Continue reading

What I learned about my Business from Nature

I never imagined that while on my vacation through one of the most beautiful places in the USA, I would be day dreaming about my job as a massage therapist, and looking to… Continue reading

Sanctuary Massage Has moved! Come visit us in Schenectady

I was so excited about Sanctuary’s move to Schenectady’s Orenda Yoga & Healing Arts, that I announced it via my cell phone on facebook, while on vacation 1000 miles away from home in… Continue reading

Knead to Know, A warm Welcome

This blog is the very beginning to some pretty amazing changes that are headed our way. August has been a month of change for me so far. While some of the changes bring… Continue reading